Hunting Classes and Hunters Guild/Faction

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    Hunting Class


    A character with fixed abilities that will be able to join the Hunters Guild. Joining this faction grants the character with a complete restyle both in cosmetics and playstyle. It will be turned into an Elf permanently (as long as the requirements are met) and it will enable the character to have a passive auto-insurance ability. The auto-insurance will affect just the currently equipped items, anything else will drop on the ground in case of death.
    This will allow the Hunting Class to be able to somehow stand against PKs, due to their insured overall good suit and at the same time will provide a robust entry point for anyone who needs to "start" or to "farm", preventing the server to exhaust the players base as compound interest.


    Anything is ofc open to discussion, and any logical/rational insight is highly appreciated; on the other hand, if you gotta have your will talk instead of your brains, this is probably not the place you shall chime in and whatever-nuts. This is a early concept aiming at solving several "problems" at once and I'm trying to tackle them simply because we are already into a custom environment that could only benefit from some combined brainstorming.
    Critics are more than welcome as long as they are consistent within the topic, since they are basically "ideas"; the key is to approach this by critical thinking, for those who were gifted with it. "Sorry" for I'm not even trying to be pleasant to the most, I'm just trying to emphasize a firm point here; let's put it this way: If there's a bridge to build, I'd have the engineers do the talking (or other related fields ofc), so that everyone else can actually enjoy the bridge forever more.


    Create a character normally, skills won't matter at all at this stage. Upon a certain template of skills met, the character will have the chance to join the Hunters Guild.
    At the moment I'm thinking of a tamer base toon, characterized by some of the important skills for the task: X amount of Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Veterinary, Music, Discord/Peacemaking/Provocation. Filter some other skills to be a deal breaker, atm I can only think of Resisting Spells, Stealing, Lockpicking (the template part is what needs the most attention and brainstorming). Once the character joins the Hunters Guild, its graphic will change into something else (atm I'm picking Elves), so to clearly display to anyone what kind of toon it is, since it got special perks. The main feature is the possibility of toggling the auto-insurance for the items equipped, any other item
    will drop in the corpse if the Hunter will die. This allows a Hunter to decide what items to keep and bring to safety and which items to sacrifice in case of a PK attack.
    The insurance cost and dynamic is to be entirely defined and I wouldn't dare to throw either prices or mechanics before the shard has a clear idea of it's "still defining" economy.
    The only granted thing about the insurance is that it will rather be costly or, what I would actually suggest, will be tied to another mechanic that will half the gold dropped by any monster that suffered from a X percentage of damage dealt by the Hunting Class and vice versa (overall balancing the use of it [note: by vice versa I mean even the damage the said monster gave to the Hunter Class, so to avoid tanks only full gold loot scenarions]).
    In regard of PvP mechanics, the Hunting Class will never be able to attack any blue/grey who didn't flag the Hunting Class first. They can still attack reds regardless.
    This feature attempts at preventing the Hunting Class to be used for wretched intents (bringing monsters nearby others in order to try to trigger them into becoming grey, etc).
    In case of stealing, that will count as being flagged and therefore the Hunting Class can proceed to attack said player.
    To be considered the gathering skills, I don't personally see a problem in having gatherers insure their items by meeting the skills requirements related to the Hunting Guild; it will actually provide another "safe" entry point for joining/restarting to play the shard; I'd still suggest to half the resources gathered by the Hunting Class in case, just like the gold, and to be totally fair I'd actually extend it to anything else "touched consistently" by this custom class (probably even involving crafting).
    Having the Hunting Class in the party will already enable the "half" gains mechanic. The Hunting Class has no way to trade anything to anyone anywhere, but in guard-zone or private homes.


    A siege settings server is kinda of harsh and a bit counter intuitive when it comes to the already established and well known by players game mechanics.
    Since AoS people got used to have a farming/hunting set of characters that were viable for most scenarios, the game itself got balanced considering those mechanics and insurance was the very core firm point around all the other mechanics were orbiting. I don't believe one can simply remove the main core mechanic and still have a functional game, everything else needs to be reworked and balanced, but this would mean that a lot of work and efforts are needed in order to achieve a new game-play.
    Since AoS the game revolved around being able to put in time to find the best pieces to build the best suits, although this is the classic way of playing the game I believe it must be kept somehow like "this". Let me try to simplify: One alternative, the classic one, is the hinting for months play style in order to achieve awesome items; the siege alternative is instead "horned kit armors" with some lucky items found, no insurance, no way of treating your items as part of your toon "skills" and possibilities.

    It needs to be expanded more, it's just an early concept. I hope someone will gladly add something to it
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