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    I'd like to try to address the issue of gathering in free shards and their relative captcha.
    I'm gonna start with an assumption: "those who would automate it better are the most likely to break a captcha".
    In the real world we cannot demand the staff to check on everyone all the time, it's simply not gonna happen (leave it alone an admin is human and being one is flawed by default), at the same time we cannot have people gathering freely on multi accounts and "ruin" an entire shard economy (or so they told me, I still hold some doubts about this point, personally); and so we had captcha coming along in many shards in different flavors and colors.
    But what if we simply put a cap for the amount of resources one can gather in 24h?
    I'd suggest we move the accounts to a blockchain system and we decide what fixed amount for "every" resources in game that can be gathered during 24h by each account.
    By every I do mean anything that can be gathered and sold, either to merchants or to players, especially those resources required for crafting (so yea, wool/cotton/leather as well, to this day it's beyond my comprehension why leather doesn't get treated as wood/ingots on most shards).
    This will grant a more robust economy, less scarcity without getting to resources overflow.
    Every resources gathered above the fixed cap will just be deleted, or it could be stored by the staff for spawning some special PvP events where those exceeding resources are in the prizes pool (maybe even set up a special slot machine for the "deleted/stolen" resources, the possibilities are many).
    By implementing this we can completely get rid of the captcha entirely and avoid the scourge of the disparity between coding friendly users and not so coding friendly ones. Let's get rid of all this by choosing wisely the amounts of resources and types, trying to be keen to the purpose of making it the more even possible for everyone.

    I believe this would be the less evil and, by how well it gets tuned, it can grant some longevity never seen before in the economy. At the same time, while we get qol for players of all kinds, there's the risk we are inviting people to multi-account the most they can.
    To which I'd rather look at it from this prospective:

    Old way = Either Staff or Captcha, gotta get rid of people trying to abuse the game (mostly CAPTCHA, and as I stated earlier... it's quite an unfair situation [ common players are those suffering the most out of this ]); We'll get the "power" users still having the upper hand in crafting/gathering.

    New way = There can be only the issue of the players multi accounts, that could be handled by staff or helpers. On the other hand it will bring several benefits tot he players and the economy, and some "responsabilities" if one decides to never gather anything at all, ever.

    But here's an interesting thing. If we go blockchain system and we have it without encryption, the staff can know at any moment what item was gathered by whom, passed to whom, etc etc. This alone should discourage players from trying to multi accounts, leaving them one only viable path for this kind of behaviors (easily spotted by staff/helpers).


    I'm a gatherer myself, full time one, so I'm not really enthusiast in capping my main and only activity, but I firmly believe we could try to implement this in order to get a better and more fun play time for everyone.
    The shard is after all centered around PvP, yet crafting is and will always be something important in this game; we shall not ignore all that nor we shall ignore that the current limitations will likely benefit those more attuned with coding than the majority. We need a change of direction, more than one, so I invite you to post and share your opinions on the matter, keeping in mind the well being of the shard and the most even conditions among players.