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    The Seasonal reset is a nice feature that is not native to AoS, I believe that with the efforts of everyone we could actually adapt it to best experience for most players and maybe start developing a very fun new standard for playing the game. One of the main "issues" I can relate to, when I read some complaints in Discord, is that a Core PvP server shouldn't really force you to farm for x amount of hours on a tamer. I'm not here to discuss those complaints (although some are very legit imho), I'm trying to provide a funny new breeze to address some of those "issues". Playing on this shard means that you gotta kill or be prepared to kill (or, be my guest, get only killed). Having to kill players is all nice and fun, dry looting them is kind of a must and it can be extremely fun or sometimes somehow painful. Let's add a feature for donating some of the high quality items to the poor freshly looted ones or just arrived less fortunate ones.​


    There are several different viable modifications of what I'm exposing, I just happened to think of this one but this is all completely open to discussion and would actually appreciate whoever could improve or rectify any of the points that will follow.

    Technically speaking I'm not aware of how much work this would be coding wise, nor I know what Punkte considers a lot of work. All I know is that the two names involved as devs are among the best that Ultima Online has to offer and therefore I didn't really limit myself while thinking of this.

    How does it work

    PKs (or anyone willing to spare items) will have the chance of giving away some of the loot they get by donating those items to the lottery system. Donations will be open at any moment and items must be Epic or Legendary, so that PKs can actually help the other players while having all the fun they want playing with the server peculiar mechanics. The donated items will stack up in some special "treasure boxes" in an open area where the lottery merchants are placed. Players can view items at any given moment (possibly even move them in the boxes), the Players have the chance to buy a ticket only once per character in the 23.30h before the lottery; the lottery ticket will cost just gold (I'd say the same amount Deckard asks for itemID an item)and in case of victory will reward the winner with a special redeemable ticket. The special ticket can be used to redeem one of the items in the treasure boxes. Every extraction without a winner will have a random item moved to the extra prize pool of the next extraction.​

    One item or more items

    There will be X amount of items for X2 amount of time laying in the treasure boxes after players donated them to the system, after a fixed random window of time in X2, the item X, will get moved to a special prize pool; the special prize pool will always add to the normal prize pool (which by default is one item). Basically every next extraction, a winning player will be able to pick one item from the treasure boxes as default prize and, after the completion of the item acquiring process, will get in his backpack even those extra items that have reached the threshold in X2 as items that were laying in the treasure boxes for long enough, and never got picked by anyone.
    Have the Players know what items will get granted as extra prize pool, have those items stack up in case no one wins and continuously push them to the very next extraction until someone wins them, becoming even a larger prize pool.
    If more than one player will win at the same time, the loot from the extra prize loot will be shared in randomly equal parts, all the odd items that would make this subdivision uneven are gonna be added to the next lotto extraction.
    With multiple winners, I'd consider taking the ticket bet time as the picking order for the players to choose which item they want from the boxes.

    Player Requirements

    Acquiring a ticket can be done only once every lottery extraction (which occurs every 24 hours), players have 23:30 hours to buy a ticket. A ticket can be acquired only until 15 mins before the extraction or after 15 mins since the extraction took place. The character must have at least a total skill points of 500.0+, gotta be able to afford the price ticket and it must be GM in one of the following skills:
    Animal Taming, Swords, Maces, Fencing, Archery, Magery, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tinkering, Bowcrafting/Fletching, Hiding.​

    Calculations behind it

    I was thinking of a lotto type of lottery, where multiple players can win and there are no sure winners.
    I'd limit the odds at something like 1 in 500 chance, I believe this is the most crucial part we shall widely discuss (to which I'd invite to share some numbers, those of us that are actually good with numbers), so that whatever the lottery system will be we can keep the decided odds anyway.
    Something like 3 numbers/symbols over 15 possible to pick would result in 1 of 455 possible combinations.
    Other possibilities could be 3/25 (1 in 1150) or 3/27 (1 in 2925).
    Could even go for smaller odds if people would think that's the case.​

    How would it play out for the PKs

    Let me cut to the chase: Glacial Hues.

    People hate them, people love them, in most cases they want them. But one thing makes them all agree: they don't want just anyone to be able to acquire them and would actually find somehow nice if the amount of Glacials one wears would "mean" something (like being the winner of something Special or who killed that guy).
    From the PKs pov you have incentives to kill players in order to acquire the rarest items of the shard but at the same time you gotta give something in exchange. Donating items will reward players with a new item, dust, which is the currency that will allow players to participate in a special lottery with special prizes like Glacials. I believe that bonding the glacial to such a system will actually increase either their value and the appealing of killing someone specifically and for "reasons", while creating a "personal style" that will have to change and adapt due of the dry loot mechanic on the shard.​

    How the dust works

    When donating a valid item to the lottery, the system will reward the player with a small dust which is a small 1/10 part of something that once combined will become a "dust". This dust is the actual currency that will enable the PKs/Items Donors to actually buy another special ticket for another lottery system in place, achievable only by donating valid items to the lottery. I wouldn't limit it to Glacial Hues and would actually throw some transmogs in or some other Hues/Clothes, like the Holydays items just sometimes randomly pushed as prizes in the special lottery winning pool (otherwise impossible to acquire any longer in game). Maybe even mounts transmogs, I'd steer it toward a "donating items can get you rare cosmetics" and empower the dust currency.​

    The poor PKed player

    You might argue that you were already getting killed enough and that you didn't need the PKs to have more reasons to look for you, and I hear you. I personally believe the tamer will get some modifications, but overall you now know that when you die there's still a chance to get back on feet. Maybe you already won the lottery once and won't even suffer so much from that umpteenth dead this time around. And after all PKs are after Epic/Legendary items,
    so there's still some room for PKs trying to actually kill PvP characters more than Hunters (unless you don't wanna risk that).

    Choosing the item

    The player with the winning ticket will be able to trade it to a special NPC that will grant it access to the treasure boxes. The winning player will have 15 minutes to perform its choice from the treasure boxes, the timer starts when the player opens the boxes. The player can drag the item into its backpack where it will become a special cursed items once deposited there, only one special cursed item can be on a player at a time (the item be traded or dropped anywhere but in the backpack). Once the player decided he can click on the item and press the special “gump” that will finalize the acquiring process (granting even the extra prizes pool in case). Winning Players have to finalize the process in order to be able to leave the lottery area with the item(s) on them, they won't be able to move out of the lottery area, nor recall or entering portals, they will just be stuck in the perimeter until the process completion.
    In the case of multiple winners, ticket bet time defines the picking order, the time available for choosing the item will be splited among the winners (ex: 3 winners will see the normal 15 minutes turn into 5 mins for each one). This will occur only if at least two of the winning players opened the boxes at the same time, in this case ticket bet time will decide the priority in picking and will enable the splitting time mechanic.

    The special lottery

    It will use the same system of the normal lottery, will even use the same extracted numbers/symbols as winning row, the only difference will be that its ticket is obtainable only by using X amount of dust as currency. A player has no limits in the amount of dust he can acquire by donating items, but he can still buy only one ticket per character with its dust (to be considered if 'dust' shall be an account shared currency or not).​

    Accepted items for Donations and rewards

    The system will accept any Epic/Legendary and will reward the player with a small dust 1/10. If the item serial was already put into the lottery system, said item will reward no amount of dust at all but it can still be donated. If the player will donate a whole suit instead of a single item, it will be rewarded with 2 full completed dusts. A suit gotta be made of: helm, gorget, tunic, leggings, sleeves, gloves, ring and bracer (they gotta be donated in one task).​

    Final considerations

    What I’m proposing is just a system to counter balance the nature of the game itself, it won’t be game breaking, it won’t change “much”. But at least will give some “hope” of winning some items out of bare luck while introducing a system for rotating extremely rare cosmetic items by PvP on the shard.
    This is an expandable concept and it can be modified in any better way anyone could come up with.
    At the present moment I know that Punkte has a Lottery system, the classic one, we could totally adapt this to that if we feel like we want a winner every time.
    I’d suggest the special Hues Dyes to actually stay after the resets (in case one kept them instead of using them) as they could be traded in the new season, adding an extra flavor to that initial rush;
    it won’t just be about who performs it the best, but who and when is willing to actually give away his initial gold for putting his hands over those rare Dyes. Cycling through the seasons, adding extra interest to the lottery mechanic.
    It could be considered to use the normal Lottery system with a systematic winner; this system would reward surely more homogeneously players but won’t really change much in the life of a dead tamer, on the other hand winning many items could. Most of the times one won’t win, that’s why they will pile up, but we can tune the odds according to population and have it stay just in that nice hot spot, if we try.​

    Other than that, thank you for taking the time to read all this and I wish you’ll feel like joining the conversation.
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