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    + Added Dungeon Treasure Maps into the game (126 of them).
    + Modified Character Slot Tokens to not drop in Desolation Mode.
    + Created Dungeon Treasure Maps and Dungeon Treasure Map chests.
    + Test Center will now spawn Dungeon Treasure Maps in the bank.
    + Added Dungeon Treasure Maps to cleanup.
    + Dungeon Treasure Maps will now have a chance to spawn on MOTW mobs. The more hitpoints the monster has, the greater chance they can spawn.
    + Added Dungeon Treasure Map storage to Davies Locker.
    + Added ability to dig Dungeon Treasure Maps by targetting the map, just like normal Maps.
    + Added ability to obtain Dungeon Treasure Maps (levels 1-2) from Fishing.
    + Pirate Ships will now drop 2 Dungeon Treasure Maps when destroying them, from levels 2-4.
    + Dungeon Treasure Maps will be 5 levels, their loot will scale better than normal Treasure Maps. Their max level is scaled by mob hp / 200 (up to a max of 5) so requires a 1000+ hp mob for level 5.
    + Modified the values in the Wiki to reflect the loot chances.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.