Dungeon Treasure Hunting?

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Good idea to add a dungeon treasure map experience? Just add new maps? Leave as is?

  1. Add Dungeon Treasure Maps

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  2. Just add new map locations, otherwise leave alone

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  3. Just leave it as it is

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  1. Morg77

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    I had an idea for new treasure maps, and one that could make it very interesting. Instead of adding new locations around the map where we can just recall and profit. How about new maps that are located in dungeons.

    • The maps would be the graphic part of a dungeon map pic with a text clue to which dungeon and floor it actually is. A "X" marks the spot of course.
    (The cool part is, you already have the graphics, just have to take a map and paste in part of a zoomed in dungeon map and add a "X" for the location.)
    • "Digging" up the treasure would open a hole in the wall or a hole with a ladder in the floor. Using the Mining animation for wall locations and tmap digging for floor locations.
    • Entering puts us in a hallway that as we run down we encounter some guardians, single or pairs depending on the level and mob type. (A pair of Ancient Wyrms would kind of suck at this point)
    • Access to the hallway should be limited to the map holder and those partied with them.
    • At the end of the hallway is the treasure room, crypt, burial chamber or alcove, maybe the chest is on a table altar or even just on the ground. (Possibly no chest, the items could just be somewhat scattered around the room(smaller items like gems should be in bags).
    • The actual guardians are (like the 4 that spawn when a regular tmap is dug up) are in the treasure room, guarding it.
    • Some of the treasure items could be booby trapped, trigger a guardian spawn.
    • After the desired portion of the treasure is looted, there could be a chance for a "Treasure Guardian" to spawn, this would be only a chance spawn and tougher than a paragon, but appropriate to the maps level. Loot should also be appropriate, maybe some additional treasure frags or a minor arty or something. Just not 50 trash items, as a boss type, I'd think the name should imply it wouldn't have random trash on it. It would be kind of like, "you got the treasure you wanted, now try to get out alive with it". The spawn should have specific conditions so that there is only 1 chance of spawning at the end of looting the location so that it can't be abused. No requirement of how much loot must be taken, but the chance should be like 30% max, ALL levels of maps have this chance, but the chance should be higher for a level 7 than a level 1. Like 10% at level 1 and 30% at level 7. This is because a level 7 should be more valuable and more worth protecting.
    This would be fun as it would add a D&D feel to the tmaps and add some difficulty without making them tedious or OP.

    Honestly, a similar treatment could be done for MiB's (S.O.S.), where some give coords to buried treasure on islands. Or maybe just come up with a way to add some level of challenge to MiB's.
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  2. SereGiL_13th

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    Sounds like a classic 'Archeology' skill to me - pimped up with maps, shovels, and dungeons, of course. Nice suggestion, though.
  3. KenshinHimura

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    Nov 18, 2015
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    Would be cool