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    Hey guys!

    This thread and announcement is for those who are not currently playing here, or who have one person playing here and a Guild or group of friends that do not. We will be providing guilds that would like to take the leap of faith and try us out with advanced character tokens that allow them to get into the game faster as well as providing them with a Level 3 Guild.

    These Guilds will have to speak with me directly so we can determine the legitimacy of the group making the transition over. There will need to be at least 4 members coming over in switch as well.

    While other servers may have an issue with playing you on multiple servers, we do not. Play on any shard you'd like. In many cases, you can log on the one with events and other activity going on and it makes your time on both servers better.
    While we will try to make sure that you always have something to do, there may be downtime sometimes, and I'm sure the same goes for any other shards being played. Establishing a base on multiple servers can make your UO experience even greater, so for those who are currently on other servers, come check us out! Who knows, you may find to love the content and community we have here.

    We have a massively unique Guild System that allows the guild to level, do quests, send companions on missions, purchase perks and other guild armory items, equip up to 6 guild perks at a time, and eventually build MASSIVE siege-able fortresses. Some screenshots have been included below.

    For any guilds or groups interested in taking advantage of this, feel free to send me a PM on the forums or on discord!
    GuildInfo.png GuildLogs.png GuildRoster.png