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    Tamers were already the strongest PvM template then they got leveling power increases and now special moves. Dexxer needs to be buffed to catch up in PvM. It is literally impossible to compete for top spot at event if you do not have taming and it's pretty fucking retarded to be pigeon holed into playing one specific template if you want to get top spot. They get 100 free resists (20/20/20/20/20), increased stats(increased damage output) / skills (GM - 120 eval is huge) - overbuffed to be honest. Not just events but pvm in general. "Hurr durr it takes longer to gain taming than dexxer skills": You start at 75 then have 6 powerhours to afk macro with (initial PH + 5 tokens)

    Swamp dragon armor - increase the damage reduction granted. Something like 20% for normal / 30% for exceptional barding deeds. Consider lowering ingot cost due to afk gathering being taken care of. Maybe let the armor work on other mounts for flavor cause swamp dragons are ugly as hell.

    Make Parry Great Again: add a flat damage reduction (against monsters only, not players) to Parrying, something like 5% at GM, 10% at 120; something to make it more useful.

    Damage: Without changing mechanics of the game dexxers need more damage output to compete with pets in Pvm. Easiest way would be to buff the doom artifact weapons. Aside from Blade of Insanity they are all garbage, make them useful slayers like you did the event arty comp bow (luck/swing/leech/slayer/damage) etc. Maybe increase whirlwind radius to help at events/ champ spawns.

    Elemental Damage deeds: Throw elemental damage deeds on event token vendor or boss drop that changes the damage type to a specific elemental damage type. Consecrate weapon from chivalry will still be superior due to the damage increase buff, but will make it less mandatory as pretty much all highend monsters have high physical resist. Allow to be used on artifact / enhanced weapons to make the aforementioned buffed Doom ones that much better.

    Consolidate slayers: finding a useful slayer weapon is difficult, especially when you have useless slayers in the game like lizardmen, water ele, etc. Eliminate the subclass slayers so that only Super ones spawn.

    Special moves: Make the lesser used specials better against monsters only. Conc / crush are pretty bad and could use a buff against monsters. That way more weapons would be useful and desired. Right now its either AI or double strike, if it doesnt have one of those its not really useful.

    High end mobs: Right now the only monsters worth farming are reptile (AW), demon (balron), undead (AL). Please make comparable monsters for the other Super slayer groups (Fey/Repond/Arachnid/Elemental). Throw them in the lesser traveled dungeons to make them more active, maybe even some in Lost Lands.
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    Warrior balance is coming, no worries. We'll be designing special items for Warrior Classes.