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    BODS- Too many weapon BODs (small and large) - maybe make colored weapons BODs available? Or decrease the % of getting weapon (L/S)BODS.
    remove 3 day timer for trade in - allows people to make money by pooling them and selling to others. Also lets people fill them on their own schedule.

    Loot - bump is needed (IMO) on mid-tier+ monsters. Property and intensity wise, loot isn't that good at the moment even with luck being used.
    Consider making elemental damage roll not count a property?
    Lower the str requirement on plate armor/heater shield/2handers (hally/war hammer)- redundant. Consider removing the lower req property?

    Nightsight - release the dungeon where the light effect is used or turn back on filter until you do. Nightsight pots don't give same brightness level as magery. Maybe make nightsight not count as a property on armor? Dexxers are at a disadvantage for having to carry pots.

    Halloween pumpkins -(jack 0 lanterns) The light source bugged and is displaying the window light graphic instead of the light coming from the pumpkin itself like a candle like it should be, please make it so they can be passed over when locked down like candles.

    Mounts- Make some way to obtain skeletal steed mount (please not donation store for some asinine amount)
    Make additional mounts able to have dragon barding armor? Would add more flavor

    More wandering healers - There should be a lot more wandering healers in the world than there is right now. There is some that are missing where there definitely should be like between covetous 2-3 etc.

    Karma- Murderers should not be able to have higher than neutral karma, i reported this in beta and still isn't fixed.

    Caster mob AI - insta-dispel is really annoying. Consider adding revenant/ mage summons dispel resistance chance?

    Vet reward login time - This really turned off quite a few people, maybe consider changing it?

    (Near)Immunity to poison damage - too many monsters with 80-100 pois res (balron, doom gauntlet bosses ,arctic OL, etc) even if they get corpse skinned it only lowers to 80ish, makes Necromancers not able to use their whole toolkit as Strangle and Poison strike are worthless to cast on them. Consider lowering the poison resist as there is not other damage schools that suffer from this that I am aware of.

    Love this shard, keep up the good work
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    Agree with many of your sugestions in special in the bumb of mid tier mobs, like dreads spiders, drakes, dragons, white wryms, lichs and lord lichs , titans, blood elementals, demons,silver serpents etc The true diference and reward by self to hight tier npcs must be, more magic items, may be a bit (only a bit) intensify but the real diference is the t7 map of paragorns that must be enought reward it self to make farm it. But all mid game npcs must drop nice end game loot and must be worth it killing it( of course the number of magic items must be low, for example 2-3 in dread spiders, may be 10+ in hight end npcs). To make people farm in lot of places, explore world, and use all dungeons and map.

    Also i agree with the skeletal horse mount , as a special drop as statuete in may a chance to spawn inside a t 7 chest also the posibility to add crimson inside t7 chest, to make that kind of maps really worth it, not only for the shards inside, but also so something special that can only be found in that chest... OFC the chance must be low may be 1% to make it very exotic and expensive inside game. That will make t7 maps really unique, because the coin "shards" is comon droped by all tmaps, y ofc t7 maps drop more, but it is not unique, in my opinion t7 map need something UNique that can only be droped by that kind of chest as a really valuable treasure.
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    Sweet Dreams Inn
    All great feedback. Ill check out some of these and see if there's a way to improve any of the current systems we have in place.
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